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Tips For Oily Skin: Causes, Treatments, And Natural Remedies

So, in order to effectively change your skin complexion, first, you need to understand what are the things that may cause your skin to be so oily. Next, I’ll share with you my secret - the best beauty tips for oily skin I know to finally get rid of the constant, unwanted shine.  

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Hyaluronic Acid vs. Glycolic Acid: Everything You Need to Know

Acids are widely used in many skin treatments, ranging from masks to peels. Every acid has a different function when applied on the skin and benefi...

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DIM(Diindolylmethane) for Acne: Dosages, Reviews & Recommendations

If you’re curious about improving your acne and skin tone, then you’ve probably searched the Internet millions of times for tips and tricks to impr...

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Does Makeup Cause Acne?

We’ve all been there – helplessly searching for the best foundation out there that can cover our acne spotlessly, while at the same time subconscio...

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Our team of skincare experts and dermatologists have devoted over 25 years to researching high-performance ingredients and cutting-edge technology. Over the years, they’ve formulated an extensive range of high quality products that promote youthful and healthy skin based on the philosophy that safe and natural products simulate and accelerate the skin’s natural healing processes. This is why you’ll find a rich array of safe and natural ingredients as the backbone of our formulas.