Skin Care Tips: 100 Tips For Flawless Skin

Skin Care Tips: 100 Tips For Flawless Skin

Facing an annoying acne problem again? Or a rash? But maybe it’s something else, like an allergy, or even butt acne

Regardless, we’ve got you covered with our master list of 100 beauty tips for flawless skin!

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#1 Use Makeup Products Designed to Protect Your Skin

Makeup, makeup, makeup. If you’re having any sort of skin problems even remotely connected to your face, chances are you need to do something about all that makeup.

First things first: use foundations or powder products that are specifically designed for acne-prone skin. That way, you can avoid doing unnecessary harm to your skin.

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#2 If You Have to Pick Between Affordability and Quality, go for Quality

Please, for the love of the Skin God, don’t buy cheap skincare products! A lot of them simply don’t work. Good health is a long-term investment, meaning that the payoffs are not immediately visible.

It’s always better to save for a quality product like Misumi's Wrinkle-Free All Day Moisturizer, instead of purchasing a bunch that don't work.

Your skin needs quality, not quantity.

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#3 Use a Toner After Washing Your Face

This is one of our best skincare tips. Washing your face can sometimes make your skin dry, especially if you do it too often. And when skin becomes too dry, it goes into DEFCON mode and starts pumping out oil, and you don’t want that.

That’s why it’s good to use a toner after washing your face. It will keep your skin soft, calm, and moisturized. When it comes to hydrating your skin, there is a sea-worth of options for good moisturizers.

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#4 Here’s a Free Tip: Keep Your Hair Clean and Away From Your Face

Greasy hair can help spread acne. The magic tip for putting a stop to that is this: wash your hair often and keep it tied in a ponytail.

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#5 Make Sure You Sleep on Clean Sheets and Pillows

The same goes for your pillowcases and sheets - they're the most overlooked cause of cheek acne. We spend a third of our day sleeping, having our faces slapped against pillows, sheets, and blankets.

Having a clean pillowcase will help with acne prevention and keep your skin healthy.

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#6 Keep Your Hands Away From Your Face

The first commandment of the Skin God is this: never touch your face! Touching your face is a cardinal sin in skin care. We hate to break it to you, but the things your hands have touched need their own episode on the Twilight Zone. Bacteria, viruses, grease, dirt, filth...

You don’t want all of that on your face, right? Especially if you’re having an acne problem you want to get rid of.

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#7 Flawless Skin Loves Clean Hands

Wash your hands often. Then, any accidental touches to your face will be a lot less harmful. Wash your hands before eating anything, too.

100 tips for flawless skin

#8 Wash Your Face at Least Twice a Day

Another commandment you may have forgotten: wash your face. Especially in the morning and before going to bed. Washing your face can help you get clear skin.

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#9 You Can’t Clean Your Face With Dirty Hands

It’s common sense, but repetition is the mother of all learning. Always wash your hands before washing your face. Hands first; face second.

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#10 If You Want Flawless Skin, Wash Your Face After Going Outside

Another good idea - wash your face after any physical activity or after going outside. You may not notice it, but the outside world is filled with dirt, smog, dust particles, pollen particles, and so on and on. And we think you'll agree that isn't conducive to getting flawless skin, right?

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#11 Avoid Drying Your Face With a Towel

This is one of the most neglected beauty tips. It’s better to let it dry on its own - that way you’re preventing any bacteria on the towel from jumping ship to your face. (Pro Tip: it’s always useful to think of bacteria as pirates.)

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#12 All Those Makeup Products Lying Around Gathering Dust? Chuck ‘Em

If you have a foundation that you’ve used for more than six months, chuck that bottle in the sea. We mean the trash.

Some products can develop their own brands of bacteria if they’re sitting for too long. Again, better safe than sorry.

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#13 If You Want Flawless Skin, Never go to Bed Wearing Makeup

Third commandment of the Skin God: Always remove your makeup before going to bed. Leaving makeup for too long can clog up your pores, damage your skin follicles, and of course, mean you get invaded by pirates - we mean the acne bacteria!

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#14 The Best Beauty Tip? Less is More

Tone it down with the makeup. Having makeup all the time is a special kind of hell for your skin. It can’t breathe, it can’t relax, and it can’t do its own thing. Let your skin chill for a few days, and you'll be making the first step toward getting younger looking skin. This is especially important if you have a sensitive skin type.

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#15 Hand Sanitizers and Wet Wipes Are Your Friends

Let’s say you’ve been out and about for like 12 hours, and there’s no break in sight. The last time you washed your hands was in the morning. So what to do?

Well, carrying hand sanitizer is always a good idea. These affordable bottles can be found in almost any shape and size. Carrying a portable hand sanitizer can be a godsend in so many situations.

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#16 Keep a Healthy Diet For Healthy Skin

We are what we eat. Healthy food has this scientifically supported knack of also helping us look healthier. But eat garbage and, well… look barely decent?

Jokes aside, fast food and bad food can really show on your skin. A healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is where it's at. 

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#17 Why Buy Expensive Face Masks When You Can Make Your Own

Give homemade face masks a chance. Most of these are made up of stuff we eat anyway (like oatmeal masks and egg whites), so they’re natural and harmless. It's so easy to Google a face mask recipe.

100 tips for flawless skin

#18 Salicylic Acid Can Help You Get Flawless Skin

When considering your next foundation, look for the ones containing the amazing salicylic acid

Why not give Misumi's Clear Skin Salicylic Cleanser a whirl while you're at it?

100 tips for flawless skin

#19 Take Extra Care When Using Products That Contain Benzoyl Peroxide

Be careful with products containing benzoyl peroxide though. While a recommended ingredient in treating acne, benzoyl can make ordinary skin too dry, which means it will produce more oil, and you'll end up with oily skin.

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#20 Beauty and Skin Care Treatments Are Most Effective When Left Overnight

If you’re using any sort of spot treatment, do it at night. During our sleep, our bodies shift the healing processes into high gear and the same goes for the skin. If you want any skin remedy to be more effective, apply it before you sleep.

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#21 Stop Touching, Squeezing or Rubbing Your Acne

If you have acne, please don’t touch them. Don’t rub, pick, or try to pop your spots. Just leave your acne alone.

tips for flawless skin

#22 But if You Really Have to Touch Your Acne, Do So With Clean Hands

Okay, so you decided to pick your acne after all. Congratulations, we’ve all been there!

It’s a very human thing to do, wanting to pop things… so go ahead. But before you do that, please wash your hands and face well. Sanitize the environment and your, um, instruments. That will be your fingers, yes.

tips for flawless skin

#23 Choose Your Battles With Acne Wisely

But which pimple to pop? Hmm. Here’s a handy tip: only try to pop blackheads or pimples that have a whitehead.

Trying to pop other pimples will put you in a lot of pain and can cause really bad damage to your skin. Never pop, squeeze or torment cystic acne, or a pimple that’s hard and painful to the touch. Chances are it’s still developing, and all you will do is crush a lot of healthy tissue and make yourself bleed.

tips for flawless skin

#24 If You’re Dealing With a Blackhead, Use Strips and Other Appropriate Products

But what about blackheads, we hear you ask - “Am I allowed to pop those?”

Only sometimes, if the blackhead is isolated and seems very easy to squeeze out. But otherwise, using strips is your best bet to improve blackheads. Just stick one, massage a little, and lift those pirates up, up, and away.

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#25 But Remember: You Will Never Get Rid of Blackheads

If you see a commercial that tells you it can eliminate blackheads? They’re lying. The body produces blackheads naturally, so for you not to have them, you’ll have to stop being human. Like, go be a dog or something, and boom - blackheads gone.

But as long as you’re human, you can make blackheads less pronounced, not completely gone.

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#26 You Can Tone Them Down With Scrubbing Products However

While on the topic of blackheads, exfoliants and facial scrubbing products work well. These can remove some of the dead skin cells, dirt, and oil clogging your pores, so give them a try.

tips for flawless skin

#27 Glowing Skin Doesn’t Like Too Much Scrubbing - Once a Week is Enough

The same goes for applying scrub masks - you want to protect your face and clean it, not plow it like it’s a plot of land until it’s sore.

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#28 Choose a Moisturizer Appropriate for Your Skin Type

When adding moisturizers to your skin care routine, always try to pick the one that’s suitable for your skin type. If you have naturally dry skin, chances are you’ll need something more powerful. On the other hand, if your skin is naturally oily,you should look for something less oily but more hydrating.

If you have acne or have acne-prone skin, use a moisturizer that is designed for specifically that. Those products are usually oil-free and for good reason.

tips for flawless skin

#29 If You Really Need to put on Makeup, Avoid Applying Foundation

It’s not always necessary to apply foundation, so if you still need, or want, to put some makeup on, try to avoid applying foundation first. No need to clog up your pores unless it’s absolutely necessary. This is one of the most useful but criminally neglected beauty tips.

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#30 Less Stress Means Needing Fewer Beauty Tips for Amazing Skin

Yep, you read that right. Being content with yourself is a huge boost to your physical and mental health.

Stress is a huge problem. Too much stress can be taxing to our body’s healing mechanisms, and this can even manifest itself as wrinkling, differences in skin tone (discoloration), and even acne.

Be careful not to lump all stress in the negative basket, though. Positive, beneficial stress, called eustress, can have the opposite effect - kickstart healing, and make you feel motivated. Everything that excites you, motivates you, or makes you productive, interested, and alert (instead of worried, scared, or angry) can be deemed eustress.

So, less stress, more eustress. Your skin loves that.

tips for flawless skin

#31 Exercising Often Is One Of The Key Conditions For Achieving Flawless Skin

When it comes to advice that’s difficult to follow, here’s a killer: exercise.

Yes, indeed. Did you really think we'd just skip exercise as one of the top 100 tips for flawless skin? Especially since exercise seems to be the panacea nowadays and it’s being prescribed left and right.

But on a serious note, exercise, or almost any kind of regular physical activity, can be very helpful for restoring your skin health. The physical strain actually detoxifies the body, so it won't need to release extra sebum through the skin. Additionally, it helps balance out your hormones and pH levels, so exercise can do wonders for people who suffer from hormonal acne. Of course, don’t forget to shower after hitting the gym.

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#32 At the Risk of Sounding Boring, Keep Hydrated

Not sure if we should really be saying this, but - please drink more water. If reality isn’t proof enough that staying hydrated is good for you, then rest assured there are tons of scientific studies to show that keeping yourself well-hydrated helps your skin feel - and look - fresh too.

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#33 Research Before Buying Skincare Products

Another thing that keeps your skin healthy is avoiding products that don’t work, products that aren’t appropriate for your skin, or products that actually harm you. For example, oil-based products might work for normal skin, or dry or sensitive skin, but will clog pores when it comes to oily skin.

It always pays off to spend some time researching the product and reading through the user reviews. You never know - until you know. Knowledge is power.

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#34 Wash Your Face More Often - If You Have To

While we said that the best time to wash your face is in the morning and right before going to bed, it's not a hard rule. If your face isn’t clean, wash it. If your face feels overly oily, again, wash it. If it’s sweaty after some exercise, you know the drill.

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#35 Here’s a Beauty Tip for Acne: Take it Easy and Don’t Panic

In the case of acne, don’t panic. Pay attention to your thoughts and don’t let yourself become obsessed about a pimple, or two, or a hundred. Accept it as the normal thing it is and try to live your life as best as you can.

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#36 On The Road To Flawless Skin, Develop Healthy Skin Care Routines

Develop useful skin care routines. When taking care of ourselves becomes a habit, we can approach good health. So, pick a favorite - and useful - skin care treatment, and turn it into a special ritual.

tips for flawless skin

#37 Keep an Eye on Your Hairline and Wash it When Necessary

When it comes to washing your face, why not turn it into washing your hairline too? Because, if we’re honest, that’s where the majority of the oil gathers. Greasy hair and oily skin are the best of friends, and the hairline is where they make love (yikes)!

So your job is to be the strict parent, ground them, and wash your hairline from all that extra oil.

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#38 There is No Miracle Cure for Acne, so Use Whatever Works

This cannot be stated enough - there is no miracle cure for acne. That’s the truth, and the sooner you make peace with it, the better.

Besides, it’s even theoretically impossible for there to be a magic cure for acne. There are just too many variables, individual factors, skin types, and causes. Visit a dermatologist and work with them. Not every solution will work for you.

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#39 If You Really Need to Pop a Pimple, Check Your Nails

So you’re bored again, and you’re itching for some hedonistic fun like popping pimples. Well, you better cut your nails if you’re gonna do it.

See, nails are basically tiny shovels attached to your fingers, and they do their job well. There are mountains of bacteria and dirt under each nail, so you should think twice about squeezing that pimple with your finger shovels. Just saying.

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#40 Visiting Your Dermatologist is One of the Best Beauty Tips

One of the best skincare tips is to always see your doctor if you have any kind of skin condition. Be it acne, a rash, or something else that you aren’t able to identify, it’s always a good idea to seek out a professional opinion.

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#41 Is Your Acne Hereditary? Ask Your Family Members and the Truth Might Surprise You

Before going to the doctor, it won’t hurt if you did some research as well. Does acne run in the family? Ask your parents; it may be hereditary or genetic. If they had acne, but it went away, chances are the same will happen to you. Besides, your doctor will need all the information he can get, so, time for some Sherlock Holmes action.

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#42 Ladies, Check With Your Doctor if Your Acne is Getting Worse During Your Period

Acne can get worse for women during their periods. Make sure you take good care of your skin during that time of the month, and if necessary, consult with your doctor for options to alleviate this.

Additionally, due to hormonal shenanigans, adult women experience adult acne more often than men. If you're an adult woman who's got a problem with this, read our article on hormonal acne

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#43 If You Really Need to Use Towels to Dry Your Face, Keep Them Squeaky Clean

While avoiding towels to dry your face is a good idea, let’s be realistic. That’s not always possible, and besides, pressing a warm cloth against your face feels nice.

But what if you have acne? In that case, you better get ready to wash your towels twice as regularly and always make sure they’re very clean. Your face deserves it.

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#44 If You’re Dealing With Acne, Help, and Support From Other People is Invaluable

Dealing with acne can be tough. So tough, in fact, that it can make some people anxious or depressed. That’s why emotional support and a sense of community can be immensely helpful, and in this day and age, that’s not difficult to find.

Google some acne forums, or join some acne groups on social media. Usually, these communities all share a common problem and are very kind and supportive. Besides, they’re clued into which products work, and which don’t and can offer tons of no-nonsense, first-hand advice.  

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#45 You Need an Oil-Free Makeup Remover

When considering makeup removers, go for oil-free ones. That way, you don’t run the risk of clogging up your pores and getting a fresh acne inflammation. Additionally, consider giving natural cleansers a shot. No oils and no synthetic chemicals, what's not to love? 

tips for flawless skin

#46 Pay Attention to Your Face and Listen to its Needs

What is your acne trying to tell you? It's always wise to study your face and become an expert on it. That way, you can spot skin concerns early. Discover when it's actually dry, so you can use a moisturizer. The same goes for it being oily - in that case, a nice face wash is a good idea. But you should learn to tell the difference to maintain healthy skin. Your body can't listen to you if you don't speak its language.

tips for flawless skin

#47 Exfoliating Your Face? Please Apply Moisturizer After

Let’s say you’ve decided to do a chemical peel or exfoliate your skin. You've grown sick of all those blackheads and decided to put them in their place. Well, so far so good, but please grab a moisturizer while at it. Exfoliation can really dry your skin, so applying some moisturizer will go a long way to keeping your skin hydrated.

tips for flawless skin

#48 Flawless Hair Can Be an Enemy to Flawless Skin

If your hair is long, it’s better to keep it away from your face, regardless of how clean it is. Even clean hair can cause undue irritation to healthy skin by constantly brushing against it.

tips for flawless skin

#49 Make Sure to Wash Well When Removing Skin Care and Beauty Products

When washing your face with soap, take your time to rinse it off. If you don’t wash your face thoroughly, traces of soap may remain, which will dry your skin. The same applies to any remaining traces of makeup or acne products.

Failing to wash your face well can lead to dry skin. And drying your skin can make it become super oily to compensate.

 skin care tips

#50 It Bears Repeating: Remove Your Makeup Before Going To Sleep

This is one of the most important skincare tips. Never forget to remove your makeup before going to bed. You don’t want all that smelly, thick, synthetic goo clogging up your pores, do you?

tips for flawless skin

#51 It’s a Long Road to Glowing Skin, so Patience is Virtue

This is twice as true if you’re dealing with acne, especially if it's a cyst on your neck, cheeks or chin. Patience is a virtue so you'll need to practice it well, but rest assured - there will be plenty of occasions to do so. A single, ordinary pimple can take more than a week to clear up, let alone a full-blown acne inflammation - even if you're using the best skincare products known to man.

Look at it as a skill you’re developing. And trust us - patience is a skill that you will sorely need in life.

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#52 Choose a Sunscreen Appropriate For Your Skin

With summer fast approaching, it’s all about beach bodies and sunscreen. And while the first is optional, sunscreens are not. Sun exposure is no joke, and it can lead to dark spots, premature skin aging, and skin cancer.

But is your usual sun protection appropriate for people with acne-prone skin? Short answer: no. Read the labels and make sure that you pick a broad-spectrum sunscreen that is oil-free - and ideally, made for skin prone to acne to help you combat sun damage.

tips for flawless skin

#53 Please, Don’t Be That Person Who’s Wearing Makeup on the Beach

Ladies, there is really no need to wear makeup while exercising, swimming, toiling hard at the gym, running, and so on.

Your face will sweat, which is what it was naturally designed to do. And yet you’ve managed to suffocate it with all that foundation and makeup. Do you think that’s healthy for your skin? Surely not. Please, for the love of you-know-who, avoid putting on foundation and makeup when exercising.

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#54 Either Clean, or Throw Away Your Neglected Makeup Sponges

While we’re still on the topic of makeup, you should also take care not to use dirty or used-up sponges. It’s a sponge, after all, which is basically bacteria-heaven. Make sure you replace old sponges or clean them well.

flawless skin

#55 Replace Your Makeup Brushes as Well

The same goes for all your makeup brushes. Either keep them clean or replace them regularly. And since replacing them can cost you a fortune… a good clean, once in a while, will do.

flawless skin

#56 Be Ready to Replace Your Makeup Products After Six Months

But sometimes there's no other choice but to replace your makeup and makeup tools. So, when should you do that? As far as anyone can tell, it takes roughly six months for harmful bacteria to get their tentacles all over your makeup, sponges, and makeup brushes. So, it's better to be safe than sorry, yes?

Replace your makeup products twice a year and you’re safe. After all, you don’t want to be applying germs to your face every day, do you?

flawless skin

#57 But if You Want to Avoid That, Keep Those Lids On

But wait, is there something you can do to prevent those harmful bacteria from eating up all your makeup?

Of course, there is and we're glad you asked! For a start, stop leaving all your creams, foundations, gels, and lotions open. Those products have caps - put them on. The less time your makeup products spend out in the open, the better condition they’ll be in. And so will your face.

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#58 Keep a Moisturizer Handy and You’ve Eliminated Most Beauty Tips

The warmer the weather, the more we sweat, and the more washing we need. But as we mentioned above, washing your face too much can actually dry your skin, which may cause all sorts of problems and result in dull skin. For this reason, it’s always better to have a moisturizer handy, especially during the summer.

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#59 Before Applying a Skin Care Product, Make Sure Your Face is Dry

Quite a lot of people make the mistake of applying acne treatments right after washing their face. However, that can mean that your face is still wet from all the water and won't absorb the product. That’s why you should give your face at least 5 minutes for it to dry. Then, feel free to apply anti-acne products, they will be better absorbed.

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#60 Your Mind Can Be Your Best Friend or Your Worst Enemy

If you’re dealing with acne, it's very important to adopt the right mindset. Sometimes, acne can take years to clear up, which means that your greatest weakness - and stronger ally - is your mind.

Don’t give up, develop a healthy skincare routine, and always keep your eye on the positive.

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#61 If Nothing Else Works, Your Doctor Will Give You The Right Tips

Sometimes we need to call the doctor and let them bring the big guns. While most mild, and even medium acne can be treated with nothing more than topical treatments and a change of diet, some cases of acne don’t respond to that.

Usually, this is the case for cystic acne, which needs to be treated by medical professionals.

Visit your doctor and heed their advice - from strong antibiotics to Accutane and laser resurfacing treatments, modern medicine has many tricks in its sleeve when it comes to treating severe acne.

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#62 If You Don’t Want a Tan, Avoid Wearing Skin Care Products in the Sun

Some skin care products and acne creams can make your skin more responsive to sunlight, increasing tanning. If you don’t want to tan too fast or too much, you should be careful about wearing acne treatments when out in the sun. Alternatively, wear sun-protective clothing.

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#63 You Could, Technically, Apply Sunscreen Over It

Or, wear a broad-spectrum SPF! But we wouldn’t recommend mixing too many skin care products, so if you’re using sunscreen, don’t use acne products, or go for an oil-free one. Avoid sun-damaged skin like the plague, as this will mature skin and cause darker skin tones.

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#64 Depending on Your Specific Acne Condition, the Sun Can Be Your Enemy

Research suggests if you have acne, it’s best to avoid staying too much out in the sun and soaking up those UV rays. All that will do is dry out your skin and make it produce more oil to compensate.

However, sometimes getting a tan and letting the surface layer of the skin peel off can be beneficial for mild acne.

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#65 The Sun Can Also Be Your Friend

At the same time, you shouldn’t avoid the sun altogether. That’s because our skin produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, and vitamin D has a number of important functions for our health. Researchers say that 15 minutes is the bare minimum until the skin reacts to the sun and begins producing some vitamin D.

But just to be on the safe side, make it your goal to spend at least half an hour out in the sun every day. Of course, this only applies to the “naked” parts of your body, so the less skin exposed, the more time you will need to get your vitamin D. Wear a broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen to avoid sun damage.

tips for flawless skin

#66 Keep Your Smartphone Clean and Away From Your Face

If you use a smartphone often, make sure you clean it occasionally. You put it everywhere, you touch it with your hands and then you slap it on your face. So, use some alcohol or wet wipes and disinfect your cybernetic self every few days.

tips for flawless skin

#67 Exercising Opens Up Your Pores, Helping Them Clean Themselves

Exercise helps acne because you sweat a lot. And when you sweat a lot, your pores open, which means they clean themselves, thus getting rid of acne.

100 tips for flawless skin

#68 Be Careful Because Not All Beauty Tips Are Good For You

Be careful about some DIY spot remedies or home remedies. One such example is the famous use of toothpaste for acne - while it can have a beneficial effect, it can also burn your skin and increase inflammation. So, if your goal is beautiful skin, you better be careful.

flawless skin

#69 Flawless Skin Needs a Flawless Diet

What we eat affects us greatly. Don’t believe us? Do an experiment and see what happens. For example, give up on fast food, processed drinks, and even coffee for a week and observe if there are any changes.

flawless skin

#70 If Possible, Avoid Showering With Hard Water

Do you live in an area where the water is hard? If the answer is yes, that may be contributing to your dry skin. Avoid if possible and use a moisturizer to retain moisture.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#71 The More Colorful a Product is, the Worse For Your Skin

Try to avoid shampoos, soaps, or shower gels that contain a lot of additives and residue. If the product is heavily colored, then it’s stuffed with residual compounds which may clog or dry your skin. Go for the clear-looking ones.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#72 Avoid Wearing Hats and Other Headwear or Keep Them Clean

Do you wear hats, jewelry, and other decorations on your head? Clean them often, since they too can gather dirt and bacteria over time.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#73 When it Comes to Products, Read the Instructions and Follow Them

Skin products can sometimes be counterproductive if not used properly. For example, slathering a ton of even the best acne gel, or skin care product on your face can make your skin overreact. If your wish is beautiful skin, moderation is key.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#74 Always Consult With Your Doctor and Dermatologist Before Taking Medications or Supplements

When considering taking medication or supplements for your acne, always consult with your doctor, and don’t hesitate to perform the required tests.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#75 Alcohol Pads Are Not a Panacea, So Use Them Sparingly

Alcohol pads can be very useful for disinfecting areas of the skin, but they’re not the best choice when dealing with acne. Sure, it’s fine to apply some for a short while over a minor cut, but they may dry your skin and irritate your acne even further. Only use them sparingly and when you lack better alternatives.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#76 Aloe Vera Is Nature’s Best Beauty Tip for Flawless Skin

So take the tip, right? Aloe Vera is that magical ingredient that’s found in like 80% of skin products. Try some of them out, or use a fresh aloe vera plant - it will speed up healing and soothe your skin.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#77 Be Gentle, Your Skin is Not Your Enemy

Rubbing your face forcefully while washing can have the opposite effect. Use gentle motions, and where necessary, take great care not to use too much force. You don’t want to make things worse. If you shave your legs, try to avoid razor bumps - or at least use a moisturizer to soothe them.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#78 Be Very Careful With Exfoliating Products

The same goes for exfoliation. Some products can contain beads that are too sharp, too hard, or too abrasive. You can actually damage your skin if you use the wrong product or if your skin is sensitive. So, do your research and be careful.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#79 Tea Tree Oil is High On Nature’s Beauty Tips List

Tea tree oil has powerful antibacterial properties, making it a good choice for people with acne.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#80 Honey is Another Natural Product That Can Help You Get Beautiful Skin

Honey is one of the best - and safest - skin care treatments! Take the time to prepare yourself a nice, sweet, sticky honey mask. It will rejuvenate your skin but it won’t dry it!

skin care tips for flawless skin

#81 When Out of Honey, Give Yourself a Clay Mask

Clay masks are milder than honey masks, but products differ and can sometimes feel abrasive. Do some research, find out if it’s appropriate for your skin type, and give it a try. Your body will thank you.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#82 For a Healthy pH Skin Value, Use Skin Toners

But if you’re really serious about getting flawless skin, using a quality toner is super important. Toners improve your skin’s pH balance and prevent it from going too dry after washing. However, you should avoid combining toners and moisturizers - it can be too much for some types of skin..

skin care tips for flawless skin

#83 Mask or Cleanser? Toner or Moisturizer?

If you’re on a limited budget, prioritize buying a good toner and a gentle cleanser. Then follow up with a good mask and moisturizer (ideally, oil-free).

skin care tips for flawless skin

#84 Oil Absorbing Sheets Are All The Rage, and for Good Reason

Have you ever heard of oil-absorbing sheet masks? This skincare trend actually works. They're designed to pick up any oil they encounter.

Needless to say, these little helpers are perfect for people with oily skin. Try a sheet mask and your skin will be grateful, especially on those hot summer days, when we’re sweaty and slathered with a bunch of stuff.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#85 Again, Be Gentle With Your Skin And Avoid Rubbing

Being gentle with your face applies to applying toners and moisturizers as well. Don’t rub your face while washing, and don’t rub your face while applying products. Simple!

skin care tips for flawless skin

#86 Reduce Swelling By Applying Ice on Affected Areas

Wanna reduce a swollen pimple? Try holding an ice cube to the skin's surface and see what happens. Sometimes the simplest skincare tips are the best.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#87 Spot Treatments Can Also be a Good Preventive Treatment For Acne

Spot treatments, as the name might tell you, are intended to be applied to the affected spots only. However, there are exceptions. For example, you can use some spot treatments on areas that have cleared or are known to be prone to acne as a means of prevention.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#88 Tanning Oils and Beautiful Skin Don’t Mix Well

If you want to prevent acne and protect your skin, it’s good to avoid tanning oils. They’ll result in clogged pores, which is a recipe for acne.

And while you're at it? There's a whole host of essential oils you should be avoiding, including coconut oil.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#89 If You Need Some New Cosmetics, Make Sure To Invest in a Quality Foundation

When considering cosmetics on a tight budget, make sure you prioritize the foundation. It’s the component that has greater contact with your skin, so consider it a quality investment.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#90 Combination Skin? Be Careful, Because Using Skin Products is Complicated

People with combination skin should avoid putting acne creams on healthy parts of the skin that haven’t broken out. These products can irritate your skin, so it's better to do a patch test before using them. So if it ain’t broke - don’t try to fix it.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#91 Moderation Is Key - Don’t Wash Your Face Too Much

Washing your face too much can cause it to dry out, which can result in extra oil production. But if you already have acne, it will almost surely make it worse.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#92 Keep Your Computer and Headphones Clean

Remember what we said about smartphones? Well, the same applies to your laptop and general computer paraphernalia as well.

The keyboard and mouse collect dirt and grease over time and can become a nest for nasty bacteria. Clean them occasionally, and clean them well. In other words, kill it with fire before it lays eggs!

skin care tips for flawless skin

#93 Putting On Too Much Cleanser is Bad News For Your Skin

Avoid applying too much cleanser or using it too often. That’s because cleansers contain ingredients that, while effective in cleaning safely, can also cause your skin barrier to become too dry. Moderation is key. Look for a cleanser with hydrating ingredients.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#94 Don’t Want To Clog Up Your Pores? Choose Non-Comedogenic Products

When shopping for skin products, look for the phrase “non-comedogenic.” That means that the product won’t result in clogged pores - which is exactly what you need for beautiful skin!

skin care tips for flawless skin

#95 Think Twice About Drinking Coffee

Coffee is one of the more popular offenders when it comes to aggravating acne. While coffee doesn’t cause acne on its own, it comes with a whole array of “buddies” that hamper the maintenance of your skin health and can worsen your acne. So maybe don’t quit coffee, but see if it’s making your acne worse and tone it down.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#96 Cystic Acne Are Not Ordinary Pimples, So Don’t Squeeze Them

While popping pimples usually goes without serious consequences, you should be careful around big zits. You know, those huge, nasty, but tempting pimples? Leave them alone. If you pop them by force you can end up with a huge crater on your face, which will inevitably turn into a lifelong scar. So, hands off!

Never pop large pimples, especially if they’re of the cystic type. For dealing with those, head over to our
article on treating cystic acne on neck and how to drain a cyst with a needle.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#97 Always Use Clean, Antiseptic Napkins for Cleaning Your Face

Avoid using washcloths or towels to clean your face. No matter how much you wash them, sometimes washing them exposes them to a bunch of bacteria. Always go for sterile products, like antiseptic gels, hand gels, sterile paper napkins, or wet wipes.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#98 Act Early and You Can Sometimes Prevent Acne From Developing

Acne can take a few days to develop. This means that you can either slow down or even stop the process early on. Washing and cleaning your face while the pimple is still forming can have beneficial effects.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#99 Beware of Superficial Beauty Products

You should think twice about buying products that claim to cover, camouflage, or tint your acne. They usually contain extra chemicals that will clog your pores, and they don’t cover pimples that well. Just chill and be yourself.

skin care tips for flawless skin

#100 Feeling Cool With Your Sunglasses Can Make You Even Cooler if You Keep Them Clean

One last thing before you go to be awesome on your summer holiday - your sunglasses! They’re all over your face half of the day, while they spend the other half lying in bags, beach towels, sand, restaurant tables…

Needless to say, sunglasses can collect quite a bit of dirt and bacteria. So, give them a good clean once in a while - you deserve it.

skin care tips for flawless skin

Well, That’s About It!

While we're sure we haven’t exhausted all the good advice there is on this topic, this list is a good start. It can serve as a reminder for setting up your skin care routine.

For more useful advice on skin care, health, and treating acne, follow our blog and join us on the journey to flawless skin! 

This information is meant to supplement, not replace advice from your doctor or healthcare provider and is not meant to cover all possible uses, precautions, interactions or adverse effects. This information may not fit your specific health circumstances, and its goal is to offer a general view of the subject. In case you are suffering from a severe case of acne, you should consult with a dermatologist or a certified medical professional.

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