Best Fruits For Glowing Skin

Best Fruits For Glowing Skin

Can fruits help you get glowing skin? Definitely! But, unfortunately, we live in an age where we're becoming more and more removed from nature. This is especially noticeable when we visit the local skincare store. There are rows upon rows of shiny packaged products, gleaming in all the colors of the rainbow, boasting formulas containing endless chemicals.

So far, so good. That's what science is supposed to do, right?

But then you come across all the synthetic skincare and beauty products: shampoos and hair conditioners that brag about containing a small percentage of nature - rich in this fruit, based on that vegetable, containing this flower's aroma or that herb's oil.

Then you stop and ask yourself: why? The real thing, all the fruits, plants, and herbs are just down the alley. The sweet, fruity aromas tempt you every time you pass by the grocer. And here's the best part - they're absolutely chock full of intense antioxidants that can do wonders for your skin.

So here's an idea - why not change it up a little? Let's give fruits a chance.

Here's our list of the best fruits for glowing and radiant skin.

Best Fruits For Glowing Skin


Being rich in Vitamin C, lemons have become the staple of a healthy diet. Humans have used lemons for centuries to boost their immune systems and fight against colds. However, lemons can do wonders for the skin too. A little-known fact is that lemons are astringent - a scientific term for "squeezing things together."

If your pores aren't kept clean, they can become clogged and transform into whiteheads or blackheads, which can lead to acne. But if you put freshly squeezed lemon juice on your skin, it will help your pores expel all the skin oil, dead skin cells, and just general dirt. You'll get glowing skin in no time.

A word of caution, however - lemon juice can cause irritation due to its pH levels. Be sure to do a patch test before applying fresh lemon juice to your skin, or consult our article on the skin's pH levels.

By tightening your skin, and "bleaching" it, lemon juice can help your skin become clearer. This means it may also be able to help with acne scars. Additionally, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from toxins and free radicals.

Of course, you can either consume lemon juice or apply this citrus fruit topically. Why not mix lemon juice with half a teaspoon of honey to flush out all those toxins? It's a refreshing drink to consume first thing in the morning.

All of this makes lemon juice one of the best ingredients for glowing skin.

Best Fruits For Glowing Skin


Ah, the super popular hipster fruit.

Of course, that doesn't do this amazing fruit justice - avocados are awesome, and their popularity is well deserved. Being rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin B6, as well as niacin, folate acid, pantothenic acid, and a bunch of healthy fats, avocados are a health bomb that will get you glowing skin.

Eating avocados can slow down aging and delay wrinkles because they're rich in zeaxanthin and lutein, two ingredients that act as shields against the sun's UV radiation.

In addition, avocados can tackle acne. Their healthy fats can help your skin maintain its elasticity, fight inflammation and quicken the closing of wounds - especially when concentrated, such as in avocado oil. This means that avocado won't just make you look younger but can also help you avoid acne scars.

Best Fruits For Glowing Skin


Besides containing powerful antioxidant vitamins C, B, and A, papayas also contain pantothenic acid, folates, and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and copper. All of those ingredients play a crucial role in maintaining good health and helping the body delay aging and fight oxidative stress.

This is where this delicious fruit comes in as especially useful. It contains antioxidant enzymes like chymopapain and papain, which clean the body of harmful free radicals. The fewer free radicals roaming around our bodies, the less damage our cells receive, and the more youthful we look.

Furthermore, these ingredients possess antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, making papaya suitable for topical applications. All of this makes papaya both a good fruit to consume, as well as a precious ingredient for homemade remedies for glowing skin.

Best Fruits For Glowing Skin


The intense color in oranges comes from variants of vitamin A called retinoids. Retinoids are one of the main ingredients in many powerful skincare creams that use Retin A, as well as in the most potent severe acne medication known as Accutane (also known as Roaccutane and Isotretinoin). So, needless to say, oranges pack quite the punch when it comes to skincare.

(Psst... check out our Misumi Retinol Intense Repair PM Creme to help improve skin damage and improve skin health, giving you the glowing skin you deserve.)

Like lemon juice, oranges are super rich in vitamin C. As we mentioned before, Vitamin C is an antioxidant that plays a crucial role in preventing DNA damage, reducing oxidative stress, and reducing inflammation. Finally, Vitamin C helps with collagen production - one of the key proteins in keeping your skin soft and elastic.

All of this makes oranges great fruits for glowing skin. It's easy to increase your orange juice intake. So, what are you waiting for? That fresh orange juice won't drink itself.

And don't just stop at oranges and lemons. There is a world of citrus fruits out there that can help improve overall skin health and give you that beautiful skin glow.

Best Fruits For Glowing Skin


Confused? You thought that cucumbers were vegetables? Well, think again! These green and seemingly ordinary fruits are one of the most widely used plants by beauty professionals.

The fresh, watery scent of a cucumber can make your skin feel alive, promoting a natural glow. Cucumbers are super rich in water, which makes them useful in reducing wrinkles, sunburns, and dark circles under your eyes.

The plant is very capable of whisking away heat from your skin while moisturizing it at the same time, making it a staple of home remedies and DIY face masks. It'll keep your skin hydrated. So if you have dry skin, we definitely recommend adding this fruit to your skincare routine (or your daily diet) to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

But aside from that, cucumbers are also rich in essential vitamins, such as vitamins C and K, and fiber. So, they're great for consumption as well.

Boost your immune system and refresh yourself at the same time by serving yourself some fresh, cool cucumber. It's one of the most beneficial veget… we mean fruits for glowing skin. (We know, we know, it's got our minds here at Misumi blown as well!)

Best Fruits For Glowing Skin


Watermelon is the best fruit in existence - admit it! Watery, sweet, red or pink, aromatic and refreshing - you just can't get enough of it. The scent and overall feel of watermelon are so popular that basically, every perfume brand out there has at least one perfume based on the aroma of the watermelon.

However, watermelons are not just aesthetically pleasing - they're great for our skin too. Containing more than 90% water, watermelon juice is also rich in vitamins B1, B6, vitamin C, and vitamin A (which are crucial for skin health).

But wait, there's more.

Watermelons contain essential nutrients and antioxidants such as lycopene, carotenoids, and flavonoids. Of these, lycopene is the most powerful, as it hunts down free radicals across the body, protecting you from skin damage and oxidative stress.

Finally, because watermelons are so rich in water and contain no fats and oils, they make a suitable home remedy for people with oily skin or skin prone to acne. Watermelon slices will whisk away any excess oil clogging your pores and moisturize your face simultaneously. You can also incorporate watermelon juice into your diet.

So, still, want that glowing skin? Better nab a juicy watermelon from that local grocer. Watermelons also go great in a good fruit salad.

Best Fruits For Glowing Skin


While some fruits are professionals at cleaning your pores, and other fruits make excellent moisturizers, mango does wonders for regenerating your skin. This delicious fruit is a rich source of antioxidants like beta-carotene, flavonoids, polyphenolics, and vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin K. All of these combined make mango a formidable enemy of toxins and free radicals, halting premature aging.

So, if you're looking for a fruit that will make a perfect face mask to reduce wrinkles and give you that natural glow, mango is your friend.

Additionally, mangoes possess medicinal properties and can help our body heal wounds. So mangoes aren't just good for your skin; they're also quite handy when dealing with acne.

If you're suffering from acne and worry about ending up with pimple scars, consider including mango in your skincare routine. And you can eat some while you're at it - it makes a great addition to fruit salads.

Best Fruits For Glowing Skin


Doesn't everyone have bananas for breakfast nowadays, or is it just us?

Well, in any case, they aren't just one of the best sources of potassium - bananas are pretty good for rejuvenating your skin too. You might have heard that many people have tried using banana peel to treat acne scars, and most report good results. That's because bananas are exceptionally rich in dietary fibers and minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium.

Bananas also contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, and folates.

All of these vitamins create a natural formula that moisturizes our skin and provides it with all the resources necessary for healing itself. That's right - bananas have wound-healing properties that can help with a range of skin issues.

Finally, bananas contain ingredients that give them antimicrobial properties. And keeping your skin germ-free is one of the key steps in achieving naturally glowing skin. All of these amazing properties make bananas not just practical but ensure they're amazing medicinal fruits to use in your skincare routine.

Best Fruits For Glowing Skin


With summer fast approaching, we'll all feel the sun's unbearable heat very soon. But that shouldn't be a problem if you have pomegranates lying around.

Why? Well, that white, icky bitter membrane that holds the seeds of the pomegranate is brimming with an ingredient called ellagic acid. Ellagic acid, among other antioxidants found in pomegranates, is, in fact, a very powerful reflector of the sun's harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation. This makes it a natural, internal sunscreen, preventing sun damage and helping you retain healthy skin.

But that's far from all - pomegranates are also rich in folates, vitamin C, vitamin K, and minerals like potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium.

And as if that wasn't enough, guess what? There are studies where scientists tried using pomegranate to regenerate the surface layers of the human skin, and they succeeded. So drink pomegranate juice, eat it, or slice it up and let it rest on your skin.

Whatever you choose to do with pomegranates, you can't go wrong.

Best Fruits For Glowing Skin


The apple is one of the most symbolic fruits in human history. From being associated with the original sin and the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, then being the nickname of New York, and ending up as one of the most recognizable logos on the planet, apples are special - and it's not hard to see why.

Apples are one of the most abundant fruits in existence and have sustained us for thousands of years. The apple's peel and its sweet, crunchy inside are swimming in antioxidants that help keep our skin healthy and young looking.

Additionally, apples are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins A and C, and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Next time, make sure you eat your apples without peeling them because the peel contains half of all those precious ingredients. It will help you achieve glowing, younger-looking skin. Honestly, we kinda get why Eve wanted to take a bite out of that juicy goodness. Who wouldn't?

Best Fruits For Glowing Skin


Not all of you are reading this because you want to maintain your already smooth skin.

Some of you are reading this because you have a persistent acne problem and want to know if there are any fruits out there that might help you. Well, you've come to the right place. Strawberries, whether eaten or applied as a face mask, are a great ally in keeping your acne-prone skin clear.

But why is that? Besides being considered one of the best sources of vitamin C, strawberries are overflowing in something called alpha-hydroxy acid, also known as… salicylic acid.

If that word rang a bell in your mind, you've probably seen it around as the main ingredient in naturally based skincare products. As we've explained in our guide on salicylic acid, it's one of the best and safest natural ingredients for cleaning your skin's pores.

Having clean pores is a necessary precondition for preventing acne. That being said, strawberries are a natural source of salicylic acid, which makes them the perfect fruits for glowing skin.

Also, strawberries contain ellagic acid, which protects the skin from sun damage, keeping your precious collagen intact. If you suddenly feel a craving for some strawberries… we can't blame you. Add a few strawberries to your diet and reap all the skin health benefits.

Best Fruits For Glowing Skin


Kiwis are basically lemons, just packed a different way and not so sour. Like lemons, kiwis contain a great amount of vitamin C, which acts as a natural cleanser for our bodies. As mentioned, by sweeping our bodies clean of free radicals, vitamin C has powerful antioxidant properties that protect our cells from DNA damage and premature aging.

Furthermore, kiwis contain precious ingredients that help our bodies produce elastin and collagen, the two proteins that ensure our skin remains elastic and fresh. So besides throwing a kiwi or two in your blender for a tasty smoothie, you can also slice it in thin circles and make yourself a DIY kiwi mask. It will leave your skin feeling fresh, fruity, and moisturized, putting kiwis among some of the best fruits for healthy and glowing skin.  

Best Fruits For Glowing Skin


They may look tiny and unassuming, but you'd be wrong to underestimate the sweet and juicy apricot. Besides being rich in folate, vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin C, apricots are also rich in dietary fibers, making them great for digestion. And digestion is often connected to what your skin feels like - so please, give your skin some apricots!

What's even more amazing is that scientists discovered that an antioxidant known as melanoid found in apricots can stop some skin cells from dying.

Apricots can have mild bleaching effects, too, helping you get that glowing skin. So, if you are concerned about that slight blemish, mash some apricots and apply them over the desired area. Of course, wash it after 10 minutes, and try not to lick your fingers.

Best Fruits For Glowing Skin


Red grapes, green grapes, it doesn't really matter. All grapes are amazing, mainly because they contain one of the most powerful antioxidants in existence: resveratrol. If you don't believe us, ask your doctor. Or head to the nearest pharmacist and ask for the best antioxidant supplements they have in store. Chances are the first one they mention is actually produced from grapes and grape seed.

Scientists have studied the antioxidant properties found in grapes for a long time. Resveratrol doesn't just act as a barrier against UV damage; it can also protect our bodies from different types of cancer.

Why do scientists and doctors so often recommend drinking a glass of red wine a day? For the same reason. Additionally, grapes are rich in vitamins C, K, and folate and contain potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and more. These amazing properties make grapes some of the best fruits for getting glowing and radiant skin - not to mention, good health.

Best fruits for glowing skin


Just thinking about cherries will make your mouth water. They're plump, sweet, delicious, and just the right size to be plucked from a bowl and thrown in your mouth.

While cherries are generally considered red, their yellow variants are no less tasty. Besides the pleasure of eating cherries, they're also precious when supplying our bodies with the nutrients it needs. Cherries are rich in folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K. Additionally, they contain potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and other essential minerals.

Furthermore, cherries are rich in dietary fiber, making them perfect for regulating digestion. But what makes cherries so good for your skin health is the fact that they contain powerful antioxidants and ingredients that possess anti-inflammatory properties. Cherries regenerate our skin, protect our skin cells, and help us achieve a youthful look.

If you want healthy and radiant skin, serve yourself a bowl of cherries.

Best fruits for glowing skin


Want flawless skin? Look no further than pineapple.

It's tangy and sweet and super popular because it's juicy and delicious. We can all agree that pineapple tastes great and that its popularity, especially when it comes to using it to prepare refreshing juices, is well deserved. (With that one notable exception that sticks out like a sore thumb - the notorious pineapple on pizza!) Whatever your tastes are, pineapple is one amazing fruit that can boost your health in many ways.

Pineapples are rich in vitamin A, one of the crucial vitamins when it comes to processes that regulate our skin's health. Additionally, pineapples contain vitamin C, vitamin K, dietary fibers, and minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and more.

Last but not least, pineapples contain a particular enzyme called bromelain, which, besides combating inflammation, can also reduce cancer risks and speed up wound healing. Some cultures have used pineapples in healing burns, for example. All in all, this makes pineapples one of the best fruits for radiant skin. Time for a pineapple salad, right?

Applying Topically? Patch Tests Are Your Friends

Just because an ingredient claims to have anti-inflammatory properties and promote wound healing, that doesn't mean it's suitable for your skin. For example, those with sensitive skin might not do too well with lemon juice due to its acidic quality. That's why it's always wise to do a patch test before using any ingredient topically. This will ensure you won't suffer from an allergic reaction.

Patch tests are simple to perform. Just apply a small amount of the ingredient you want to test to your skin, and wait 24 hours. If you don't have a reaction, feel free to use it on the rest of your face.

Combine Fruits With Good Skincare for Glowing Skin

If you're looking for glowing and healthy skin, it's not just about your diet. Although eating fruits can promote good skin health and give you essential nutrients to help you feel better from the inside out, they're just a part of your skincare. You can try using all our fruits topically to achieve a natural and healthy glow.

Here at Misumi, we have a range of natural remedies on our blog to help combat skin issues such as acne, dry skin, and more. It's essential to use these natural remedies in combination with other professional skin care products, especially if you have oily skin or are suffering from acne.

Try Misumi's Complete Clear 3-Step System. This cleanser, toner, and moisturizer help combat acne by eliminating dead skin cells and debris, reducing redness with their anti-inflammatory properties, and killing acne-causing bacteria. So if you have oily skin or suffer from frequent breakouts, you need this set in your life.

Try it now!


What fruit is good for your face?

If you're applying fruit topically, some of the best fruits to use on your face include mango and papaya. These delicious fruits will slow down premature ageing and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you the radiant skin you've been searching for.

Pineapples are also a good choice, as they have wound-healing properties that can help the appearance of a range of different skin issues.

If you suffer from acne, we'd recommend kiwi and cherries due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

As always, make sure to take good care of your skin health by doing a patch test before applying any of these fruits topically.

What fruits tighten skin?

Citrus fruits are good to consume if you want to tighten your skin. This is because they include vitamin C, which helps promote collagen production, the substance responsible for skin elasticity. You can either chop them up and throw them in a fruit salad or apply them topically to promote good skin health.

What drinks make your skin glow?

Adding lemon and honey juice to your daily diet is a tasty and easy way to make your skin glow. It makes for a refreshing drink in the early morning and will help flush out all those nasty toxins. A rich source of vitamin c, drinking lemon juice won't just help you achieve healthy skin - it'll also help improve your overall health.


There you have it. There is a whole range of delicious, skin-rejuvenating fruit out there that you can either incorporate into your diet or use topically to achieve glowing skin. And why choose only one? Ditch the fried and processed foods and throw all the fresh fruits we've mentioned into a fruit salad to help give yourself clear and glowing skin. (And give your taste buds a treat, too!)

From fighting free oxygen radicals and tackling dark spots to even helping with skin cancer prevention, the benefits of including these fruits in your life are many. So, what are you waiting for?


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This information is meant to supplement, not replace advice from your doctor or healthcare provider and is not meant to cover all possible uses, precautions, interactions or adverse effects. This information may not fit your specific health circumstances, and its goal is to offer a general view of the subject. In case you are suffering from a severe case of acne, you should consult with a dermatologist or a certified medical professional.

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